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Literacy is the ability to use language and images in rich and varied forms to read, write, listen, speak, view, represent, and think critically about ideas. It enables us to share information, to interact with others, and to make meaning. Literacy is a complex process that involves building on prior knowledge, culture, and experiences in order to develop new knowledge and deeper understanding. It connects individuals and communities, and is an essential tool for personal growth and active participation in a democratic society.
~ Literacy For Learning: The Report of the Expert Panel on Literacy in Grades 4 to 6 in Ontario (2004) p.5





John Humble

John Humble
Nipissing University,
North Bay, Ontario, Canada
P1B 8L7

Office: H350E
Email: johnh@nipissingu.ca
Web: http://www.nipissingu.ca/faculty/johnh/




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